The Julie Cycle
The Julie Cycle

The Julie Cycle

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"Elle and I collaborated on a play called The Julie Cycle by Poltergeist Theatre Project in 2019. I directed the piece and Elle composed it. From the beginning, I was impressed by the thoughtful and important questions Elle brought to the table. They thought about how sound and rhythm connected to our specific story and how the music could flesh out the story even more…. The last image of the play was complete (and haunting) because of Elle's music [Midsummer (Renewal)]. I hope to continue working with Elle in future projects. They are a stellar addition to any creative team.”
— Giselle Boustani-Fontenele Theatre Director, Theatre Educator, Healer @tinyfountain
Listen to Midsummer (Renewal) on Bandcamp

What is The Julie Cycle? (according to its creators)

The Julie Cycle reimagines August Strindberg’s Miss Julie as a cyclical purgatory nightmare, where Julie finds herself living multiple lives as multiple characters, struggling to discover a way to escape the tragedy that awaits her at the end of the play. Three actors share the roles of Kristin, Julie, and Jean, exploring gender and identity through song, movement, and an updated version of the original text. The piece examines our ability to overcome the epigenetic and societal trauma that sculpts us- can we ever truly escape our past trauma? Can we find a way to challenge the systemic burn of sexism and class to see each other as equals?
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The collaborative process

  • Preliminary call with director Giselle Boustani-Fontenele.
  • Compositional sketches provided to creative team for feedback.
  • Feedback used to compose draft score.
  • Attended first staged rehearsal.
  • Revised score based on rehearsal notes.
  • Delivered final tracks to creative team for opening night.

Listen to selections from Cracks — Music from The Julie Cycle

Passion Throes &&&& Almost Ecstasy
Scurrying Away [from Intermission Mix]
Liminal Space

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