Cabaret Cressida
Cabaret Cressida

Cabaret Cressida

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What is Cabaret Cressida? (according to its creators)

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queerfeminist retelling of Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida"-- reimagined as a drag cabaret! Reaching into the realms of Vaudeville and Old Hollywood to tell a story of love, war, heartbreak and oppression, with a bunch of silly song-and-dance numbers, Cabaret Cressida offers a fresh take on the tropes of toxic masculinity and female-as-pawn.

The process

  • Had preliminary conversation with creative team to converge on musical vision: Songs to evoke turn-of-the-century cabaret music.
  • Wrote, recorded demos of, and created sheet music for six songs using Shakespeare’s original text.
  • Worked with actors in home studio to craft vocal performances and make any necessary adjustments (e.g., to keys).
  • Provided accompaniment tracks for performances.

The songs

A Song in Praise of Women Playing Coy
A Song of Guilt and Accusation
A Mocking Song about the Little Death
A Song Lamenting our Discordant Souls
A Song Foretelling our Demise

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